East Texas Fixer Upper can complete any type of home renovation in Longview, Texas, from kitchen remodeling to outdoor renovations. We'll meet with you to discuss your ideas so we can understand how you want your home to look.

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Don't hold back with your remodeling ideas

East Texas Fixer Upper offers comprehensive home renovation services. Along with remodeling kitchens and bathrooms in Longview, Texas, we can:

Add tile backsplash

Install cabinets or countertops

Replace your lighting, toilet or tub

Update your plumbing

Put in tile, laminate, hardwood or vinyl flooring

Install custom molding

Build a home addition

Construct a covered patio

Create an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, covered patio or deck

Handle any type of carpentry work

Paint the interior or exterior of your home

Renovate your home completely

Trust us to build your dream home. Contact East Texas Fixer Upper today to schedule full-home, kitchen or bathroom renovation services in Longview, Texas.