Selling a home can be tricky, especially when you're dealing with a fickle housing market. East Texas Fixer Upper employs licensed real estate agents in Longview, Texas. We can help you sell a home or find a new one.

Every home has hidden potential. We'll help you discover the renovation possibilities with your prospective home. If you'd like to avoid buying a fixer-upper, we'll show you affordable alternatives that include the features you want.

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No home is a lost cause

Along with helping Longview residents buy and sell homes, we look for homes that are inherited, pre-foreclosed or outdated. We'll buy and flip them so they can sell quickly. We can:

Update the lighting fixtures

Remodel the kitchen or bathroom

Install energy-efficient appliances

Replace the flooring, drywall and siding

If you've already bought a home, we can flip it for you to boost its value. Contact East Texas Fixer Upper today to speak with a real estate agent in Longview, Texas.